Wee-Chon Westie Bichon Mix??

does any1 no where you can rescue or find a wee-chon????
Is there any websites i can look at to find a shelter that has a wee-chon?? or a list of breeders that hav them?? NO PUPPYMILLS!!!

The shelters are full of mutts, go pick one out.

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    http://www.petfinder.com look for westies in your area, and bichons
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  • GG

    Try your local shelter.You can find all kinds of mixed breeds there.
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  • ginbark

    All shelters have tons of mutts and some purebred rescues have mixes too so google Westie rescue your state etc. Petfinder and Petharbor have lots of shelter, rescues and mixed breed critters needing homes.
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  • Alyssa

    The shelters are full of mutts, go pick one out.
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    hey, if you ever want a westies just go to a shelter a give a poor animal a new home that is what i did i promise you love it and so will the dog. Have fun with your new best frind.

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    hey i think you need to write a little more than that like kailey did i am going to do what kailey did.

  • Kitt Regier

    There is usually some at Chisolm Trail Country store in newton Kansas that is where I got mine. but idk where you live so you would have to go to the store.