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  • tellico_rocks

    Where can I find a cairn, yorkshire, or westie terrier around Chattanooga, TN; Atlanta, GA; or Asheville NC?
    I have searched many websites and can't find anything. I would really like to have a mix of any of the above, even a schnauzer/terrier mix. If anyone knows of a REPUTABLE breeder around these areas, please let me know. I would like to have a standard sized dog also, not one of the frighteningly small puppies that seem to be so popular these days.

  • SureKat

    For a local breeder try http://www.akc.org Hope this helps…All the best;~)
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  • blueyedblondej5

    I would call a couple of your local animal shelters and first of all, ask if they have any of those breeds. If they do not, then have them take your name down and call you if they get any of those breeds in. I work at a humane society and am absolutely shocked at the beautiful breeds of dogs that we get. Anywhere else you'd spend hundreds, but at the shelter it's very cheap. Good luck!!
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  • Anna R

    Go to http://classifieds.ajc.com/classifieds-bin/classifieds?property=ajc&tp=ajc&classification=pets/animals&temp_type=search

    It's the Atlanta Journal website. Then click on pure breeds or mixed breeds. You can arrange alphabetically which makes it easier if you are looking for a particular breed.

    The best way to find a reputable breeder would be to see if they are listed with the AKC/CKC, talk to them on the phone, and visit their kennels in person.

    I have a yorkie-poo–I HIGHLY recommend one if you can find it. She was kind of an accident….:) They do not shed, weigh around 11-14 pounds, have the most laid back personality (not hyper at all)…they are just the BEST!
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  • Bambi

    Check out petfinder.com. They are sure to have a dog with the requirements you listed. There are purebreds and mixes, adults and puppies. They have all been rescued from being put to sleep because they don't have a home.

    You would be saving your new pup's life! Also, rescued dogs are spayed/neutered and have their shots. They are usually cheaper than getting a dog from a breeder. And with the characteristics you're looking for, it would be difficult to find a breeder. Please consider rescuing your dog :)
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