How Much Should I Ask for a Westie and Chihuahua Mixed Breed Puppies?

Nothing. They're mutts. You'd be lucky to find someone to take them off your hands for $50 – if you've gotten them wormed and their first puppy shots…

  • flamingo_sandy

    NOTHING. You should only be concerned that they go to GOOD homes.
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  • JIMMY j

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  • Dolleyes

    i have no use for breeders. All they care about is the dollar instead of the animal
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  • ? I ? My Doberman ?

    like $100…so it will discourage people that cant afford it to just take one.make them think about it for a second.. No more.,…Its A MIX…or a MUTT

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  • Mary M

    I don't know about where you live, but around here most people don't charge for mixed breeds, they're usually just happy to get rid of them.
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  • Tam C

    why do people insist on selling mutts? mutts are mutts…they aren't 'special breeds' i dont ask anything for them. get them good homes, thats all you can ask for. if they were full blooded, id say 4-600 bucks. but they're not. i can get a mutt anywhere for free. youll get rid of them faster if you just give them away. lots of people out there that love dogs but dont want to pay for a mutt.
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  • dogluver8906

    first of all, you should not be trying to make a profit off your dogs! They are living creatures, not machines! And there is a pet over population in this country and you are only adding to the problem by breeding! If you actually love those puppies then you should be more concerned with that they get a good home, not how much you can get off of them. Look at this site and educate yourself about the pet over population crisis, maybe if you are educated you will spay and neuter your dogs!"6,600,000 dogs received by shelters were killed last year on a nationwide basis. "
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  • Roxie

    You should ask for a donation on the Vet bill..Just enough to get your other dogs fixed…..Greedy people in this world…Dog Breeders Everyone of them need to be forced to spend a day in the Eutanazia room of a Shelter to see what THEY have done! We kill Designer dogs..Full blooded dogs Not just ugly ones!
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    Vet Tech@Shelter

  • clowmy

    I think you should be fair,if you want good homes for these babies and people that pay money for a pet will take better care of there pets…So a fair price would be $75.00-$125.00 You pick the price… Good luck and you pretty well can tell if a person loves animals…So,look for that in people who come to look at your babies…

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  • Moonfairy

    Well, the westie is not a very popular breed. But the chihuahua is. If they are tiny (I mean no more than 5 pounds as an adult) you may be able to get 300.00. If they aren't tiny you will probably only get 150.00.

    This is not a regular mix, I looked all over and found ONE for adoption for 225.00 and it's been up for awhile.

    Try the higher price, you can always come down on the price. But I also must say, as a responsible breeder, I would never just mix any 2 breeds together.

    If you are trying to make a new "official" breed, thats one thing. But to just take 2 dogs and let them mate is irrsponsible to say the least. This is what we consider a back yard breeder to be.
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    Breeder for 25+ years

  • doolittle

    I think that is a tops idea…ask for $100/puppy and have your dog speyed with the money, that way you know the people buying the puppies won't just discard them and you get your dog fixed so you can avoid conditions such as pyometra later down the road.
    If you can't sell them, surrender them to the SPCA, they will have a chance of finding good owners there and the SPCA will ensure all the pups are speyed and neutered.
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  • Chi_Mom

    I agree – Nothing. You've mixed two dogs with separate sets of health problems together and you've done no one a favor. If you can manage to get good homes, you're doing well. Have you had the shots done on them and had them wormed? If so, you could ask for the price of just those things.
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  • GitEmGang

    How thick ARE you??? A little late to say "SPAY/NEUTER??? NO! DO it TOMORROW!!
    A minmum amount of $ will *help* keep the idiots away.
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  • Dog_trainer

    Nothing. They're mutts. You'd be lucky to find someone to take them off your hands for $50 – if you've gotten them wormed and their first puppy shots…
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    28 years exp.

  • sweetlilwoodsby19

    I believe you should sell them for a reasonable price maybe around 75 to 100 dollars. The reason for that, is because you know if someone is willing to put some money into a dog, then they are more likely to have a better home. If you give them away, you may not know if they will be taken very good care of. (vet expenses, etc.) The most important part is giving the puppies a good and loving environment, but there is nothing wrong with asking some amount of money for the puppies (whether they are a mixed breed or not). Good Luck! :)
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