How Often Should I Bathe Our Little Dog?

We have a small dog, a Westie, with medium length hair, my wife and daughters want to bathe it several times a week, could that be bad for its skin or something?
He stays in the house most of the time but has a daily walk

Yes several times a week is way too much for his skin and coat. Maybe once a month and use Oatmeal shampoo, a hand dryer but don’t let it get too hot, then brush him real well after drying. How about grooming? Westie cut is real cute!



  • Jon G

    Wash him whenever it smells like a dog.
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  • Lisa K

    Only bathe it every 4-6 months.
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  • casslasure

    not every day two times a month that’s good
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  • groomergirl

    Yes several times a week is way too much for his skin and coat. Maybe once a month and use Oatmeal shampoo, a hand dryer but don’t let it get too hot, then brush him real well after drying. How about grooming? Westie cut is real cute!
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  • Bezel2008

    I have a yorkie-terrier and she is the same basically as a westie, same skin and hair type, and it’s REALLY bad to over-bathe them, if you keep doing it, her skin will become really dry and irritated and start flaking (we found out the hard way :( ) we only bathe her once a week now (unless she rolls in mudd lol)…..but it keeps her clean and her skin happy :)……….more than that is never good, especailly on a little dog…..hope this helps :)
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  • Michelle

    Where are his walks? If he is going through mud, you should be washing him after every walk, especially if he is going to be in your house! If it’s just on the concrete, once a week is probably fine. It’s nice to have a clean dog to pet and be roaming around inside. If his skin is flaky, take it down a notch. If not, a couple times a week is good. He’s little, so a bath isn’t much trouble anyways.
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  • Ella (& her dog)

    Dogs should really not be bathed more than once a month.
    Yes, washing too often, especially several times a week, is bad for the dog’s skin and can actually cause the dog to smell more because of irritated skin from being bathed too often.

    My dogs only get bathed if they roll in something or get sprayed by a skunk… so mine only get a bath about twice a year, and they’re just fine.
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  • Reece Braveheart Aussies

    Too many baths dry out their skin and coat so only give a bath once a month if possible. If he gets into something then you can give another bath quicker. Westies are GREAT! I’ve had two.
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  • Versatile Australian Shepherds

    Once every 2 months is more then enough. Just keep up on the brushing and grooming. Bathing a dog to often strips them of natural skin based oils and protectants, and can lead to very dry, itchy skin.
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  • heidikins7998

    actually you only need to bathe him when he is dirty or smelly…at most like once a week or once every other 2 weeks. westies have that wirey hair and bathing them to much can make that air even more brittle. Plus many westies have skin issues, so yes if you bathe any dog as much as your wife and kids want he will have skin irritation, dry skin…ledas to flaky skin, constant itching…and hot spots.
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    i work at a vet clinic

  • kemw

    Bathing your dog several times a week would dry out your dogs skin. Irritating your dog. Bathing your dog once a week would be sufficient, but being an inside dog, you probably wouldn’t even need to do it that frequently. If you read the back of a flea and tick dog shampoo, they usually recommend once a week, but that’s just how long the the shampoo wards of fleas, and ticks. Now, being winter if it’s cold in you area, there probably aren’t any fleas so once or twice a month would probably do the trick!
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  • Selle Francais, Horse

    Once every two months is good, it works for me.

    Also, bathe if he gets REALLY muddy, too.

    That is the only scenario in which you should break that schedule.

    Bathing a dog a several times a week WILL irritate his skin and may cause infections.
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  • sean C

    Just bath him when he starts smelling like the outdoors. I’ve used this on my dogs for years with no trouble at all (small amount, thoroughly dry the dog after bath).
    FYI, this is great for people too. You can find it in the pet care isle at Wal-Mart. It’s pricy, but goes a really long way because it takes less.
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  • BrownEyedGirl

    That’s waaaay bad! It could totally dry out the skin. My vet told me to bathe my dog once a month in the summer, and once every other month in the winter.
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  • joanplus4dogs

    Absolutely not!!!

    Once a month is more than enough for a terrier. They are doing a lot of harm to the dog’s coat & skin by over bathing. Westies have very sensitive skin & over bathing will make them itch badly & cause allergies to flare up. The majority of westies have skin issues & ppl bathing too often cuz they are white is often one of the causes.
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    30yr grooming specializing in terriers

  • Izzy!

    yeah thats bad for his skinand he’ll get infected but you can give him a bath every 2 or 3 weeks
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  • thesocialpet

    First, when you do wash your dog, use the most mild and gentle dog shampoo you can find. Don’t use a flea shampoo or a medicated shampoo, unless your vet prescribes one. But that doesn’t sound like what you are describing.

    I was a brusher/bather at a doggie daycare for a year, and many dogs there would come everyday or several times a week. They would get stinky. Many dogs got washed at least once a week on a regular basis. We used a very gentle shampoo and the dogs never had a problem.

    The key is to rinse really, really well. Many times dogs get itchy skin if shampoo is left in. My rule of thumb was that if I thought the dog was all rinsed off, I would rinse one more time. If the dog was medium or long coated, I would rinse another time. You can’t rinse enough.

    Many dogs also have problems with shampoo that is too harsh, especially if you want to bath once a week or more. There shouldn’t be a problem if you use a very mild shampoo and rinse well.
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  • lisamarie692005

    You should never bathe a lab let a long a little dog that much, even horses don’t get a bath that much, they are made to be outside, they have a good coat for outside so they can take just about anything- if they want stink then just use a dog waterless bath that walmart sells, it is better for there coat and/or you could use a body mist or spray that is made for dogs only and then brush them, they are supposed to have some oil in there skin it is good for them. You can make them sick giving them a bath everyday.
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    I know this from my vet. but you can find this out pretty easy on yahoo.
    just for — can i give my dog a bath everyday? use- or anything I like using yahoo or google and typing in the questions, it is easier then having to look up things.

  • Francesca S

    Even though the dog stays in the house a lot it can still get into things around the house. Don’t bathe it too often because it will destroy its naturally dander which it needs for its skin. You should wash it once a month but, every other week in the summer because it is outside more often and gets into more disgusting things. Use otmeal shampoo, it’s good for it’s skin. After every bath brush it out really good. If you want you can wipe it down with a baby wipe after its walks, or in the morning.
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  • Frisbee Bradley

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