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Grooming Your West Highland Terrier

Grooming is an integral part of West Highland Terrier care and one of the most satisfying ways to bond with your pet. Any West Highland Terrier care guide will indicate that the Westie does not need too much grooming. However, it is a wonderful dog that does not care much about its appearance; it would rather spend its time digging your favorite flowerbeds after real or imaginary rodents than sitting still for grooming.

Beauty Care

West Highland Terrier grooming will consist of two main parts, (i) general hygiene, and (ii) beauty care. It is easy to groom a Westie, as long as it is relaxed, and you have are patient and gentle.

1. This dog loves the combing and brushing routine so you will not have any trouble doing that. Try doing this before food, so it would associate his good behavior during grooming rewarded by the meal that follows. This is part of the beauty care routine.

2. Other beauty care features are, trimming of nails, haircut (these dogs are given a specific lion style haircut), and massaging of skin for improving blood circulation.

General Hygiene

1. The hygiene part would involve cleaning the teeth of tartar, cleaning the ears, bathing and removing parasites (if any) from its coat and removing dead hair.

2. When you groom your dog, you will be able to run your hand and all over its body for an impromptu check on the health of its skin. A regular haircut makes a very important aspect of the West Highland Terrier care because if left long, it usually breeds bacteria and the dog develops skin infections.

5. This dog loves baths though it is not advisable to bathe it often. This is because the outer coat of this breed is very dry and bathing it often would make it fall and look coarser than it already is.

6. As part of grooming, for older dogs you could introduce mild body massages, which will improve the blood circulation of the animal, as well as keep the joints and muscles flexible. These dogs are prone to develop hip problems, for which special care should be given in this aspect.

7. Cancer becomes a high possibility as these dogs age, and its early detection usually arrest the spread of the disease quite effectively. Hence, it is a good idea to check for any lumps or growths during its regular grooming.

8. Grooming frequency for West Highland Terrier should be at least once in three days, while it is advisable to have the coat brushed daily. In order to get the best results from your grooming efforts, you should know what you need to groom your West Highland Terrier.

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