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West Highland Terrier Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is one the major aspects of West Highlands Terrier care. This is actually what can determine how healthy your pet will be during its life. The diet should ordinarily constitute of meat as the main ingredient and should be supplemented with vitamins, minerals, vegetables and milk products. The Westie should receive three to five meals when it is a puppy and about two meals when it reaches its adulthood. They can also be indulged once in a while with tidbits snacks out of human foods, though this should be very rare and far in between.

West Highlands Terrier Care Is All about the Right Combination

A few decades ago, putting together a balanced diet for your pet would have required some effort and at least a couple of calls to the vet. Today, fortunately, we get everything readymade and in the form of easy-to-use-meals for all breeds of all ages. If you have a puppy, you should get puppy food, if it is an adult dog, adult dog food and it is senior, food for senior dogs. With the availability of such foods, it is easy for the owners to provide the right diet and nutrition to their pets without actually bothering to know all the details about it. This solves the problem of this aspect of West Highlands White Terrier care.

Generally speaking, these dogs are healthy and eat everything you offer in terms of taste. The consistency of the food is advisable to be a combination of wet and dry types. Do not be tempted to feed your dog your type of food a lot even though it’s received very well by the dog. Standard West Highlands Terrier care advice would be to offer home-made food every now and then; however, there is nothing wrong if you stick to the normal readymade food. Complement the diet with adequate health supplements, paying special attention to the vitamins and minerals requirements.

There are many reports pointing at the BARF diet being well received by dogs of all breeds. You may like to try it out as part of your West Highlands Terrier care and see whether the claims are founded on facts or not. Always consult your vet whenever you make any drastic change in any of the normal West Highlands Terrier care – particularly with regard to the diet and nutrition, as if this is not done correctly it may harm the dog.

Give your Westie plenty of green vegetables – you will be surprised initially to see that this breed loves vegetables as much as they love meat. Puree the veggies before feeding it, or mince it. Offer it raw as much as possible. The right diet to feed your West Highlands Terrier is normally a combination of all the required ingredients, i.e. protein should consist of 65-75 per cent of the diet, 10 per cent fat, 4 per cent fiber and the remaining 10 per cent fruits, grain and vegetables.

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