Chestie Dogs?? (Chihuahua Westie Mix)?

Hey guys,
My family and I are really sure that a Chestie (chihuahua/ westie mix) is the right breed for us. The only problem is, it is not a very popular mix so we can't find any breeders! If you know of any breeders that have chesties, please answer! Also, if you know anything else about Chesties (what they're like) please say it! We need all the help we can get!!
Sorry, I guess I did mean that it was a mix.

Well that is a real Boob name there isn't it?
A Chestie is not a breed.

  • Dancer

    This is a first. A Chestie. Nope, don't know any breeders. Don't care to either.
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  • Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone?

    Reputable breeders don't make MUTTS and thank god this is one not on the list.

    They can be like chis or westies or like NEITHER breed at all. Either get a chi or get a westie from a breeder. If you want a mutt go to the shelter. Personally there is absolutely NO good reason for this mix or ANY mix.
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  • Rotten Rotts

    Well that is a real Boob name there isn't it?
    A Chestie is not a breed.
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  • APL336

    thank god you can't find a breeder for this kind of mix breed. When you purchase from these quote on quote breeders, you are encouraging them to mix breed dogs and slap on a stupid name. If you are ok with mix breeds then go to the shelter or rescue to look for one. In my opinion, breeders should be breeding their dogs to better the breed – mean purebred, not to make a mockery of things by slapping a stupid name on illbred dogs.
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  • Reece Braveheart Aussies

    The westie breed is one of the best dogs around, so just get a westie. It's like the Toyota commercials, just get a Camry.:-)
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  • reimarminpins

    OH My Gosh…now I think I have heard it all. This is not a BREED, this is a mixed breed..two full breeds to make a mix. And two totaly different dogs on top of it. A Toy and a Terrier…or like we call them TERRORS. The only "breeders" you would find are people making these funky mixes to MAKE money…they are now called designer dogs..oh please. Chi's are very hard to housebreak for one..and very territorial toward their people. Westies ..well they are a terrier. Spunky, yapppy, diggers, great dogs..just have to know how to handle them. Neither one of these breeds are for beginners..and to mix them together. Why not look at a true blood…either westie or chi…..and see if that might be good…and if that doesnt work go to your local animal shelter…there are lots of mixes that would love a home…and maybe one there that might look like a westie/chi…
    Good luck
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  • Shalori

    I am not real familiar with this breed if this will help you a sight that I found maybe able to help you..

    I really hope this helps it has a place to find a breeder also as well as helpful info.
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    self/ google

  • Veronica Corningstone

    a "chestie" is not a breed it's a mutt. Go to the city pound there are plenty of mixed breeds there.

    on a side note Chestie?! really WTF?! it's a puppy mill dog 100%
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  • Christina

    My mother just bought a chihuahua/westie and she was told it was a pure bread and the lady told her she did not get papers with the dog because only breeders get them. She paid $300 for the dog. Is there anything that she can do since the dog was sold to her under false pretense? We live in Florida if that matters.

  • Denzie07

    Hey, my Doy is Chihuahua Westie mix or Westie Chihuahua mix.
    I love her very much, she is very playful, sweet, energetic and cute dog. A friend of mine gave her to me for free. She can’t handle 4 dogs in her house anymore because she is very busy person. So she decided to give it to me. Her name is CUTIE..:) If you want to see her, pls give me uR email address. Will send you her pictures if you want to..:)