West Highland Puppies for Sale

Beautiful Happy, Healthy West highland Terriers for sale, come experience the happiness that our puppies can give you and your family for years to come..

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  • sandra m

    Where can I find a Western Highland Terrier for sale in the Huntington West Virginia area?
    Western Highland Terriers for cheap. Puppies please.

  • liveyourlife`

    What's a Western Highland Terrier?

    Do you mean a West Highland White terrier? If you don't even know the breed name, how do you justify doing enough research to own this breed? They're NOT the dogs for everyone.

    No dog is cheap. Even if you do find a low-priced puppy, you've still got the high price of vet bills, food, supplies, etc. http://www.petfinder.com has shelter dogs up for adoption with low adoption fees. Check out shelters in your area for a West Highland White Terrier if you're really interested. You can also check out a rescue for this breed.

    Please, please, please make sure you do enough research. Being terriers, they can be stubborn. They can chase after small animals. They can have high energy levels. Be sure you can handle it and the breed will fit in well with your family and lifestyle.
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  • Rosalie

    Check with Westie rescue.

    I don't know what you're referrring to as cheap puppies, but as we always say here – you can pay now, or pay later.

    No purebred is inexpensive, because they are a lot of work and expense to raise correctly…meaning if they are cheap, someone didn't. You'll pay the vet later, or lose the dog to some catastrophic genetic problem, and get a rough time in the process.

    Rescue probably has something for you.
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  • Christian M

    go to oodle.com and go to pets find the western highland terrier or puppyfind.com
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  • Elizabeth S

    Don't buy one!! Only if you have the funds, they are high maintenance…
    We have had mutipule skin cancers removed. He eats expensive RX dog food, and allergies out the booty!!!
    He licks his skin, and he turns orange…. But he has never had fleas.
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  • ?Friends with Everyone?

    Try these places. :0)
    Adoption fees are not expensive

    Also keep in mind that there are services set up for transporting dogs and puppies that are up for adoption to people that are in different states for a reasonable fee.

    PS: its West Highland, there is no "ern" after West.
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