The Right Diet to Feed your West Highlands Terrier

You need not worry too much about the right diet for your Westie. There are plenty of leading brands of dog-food concentrating on this aspect of West Highlands Terrier care. If you are careful, this aspect of West Highlands Terrier care can be easily fulfilled with pre-packaged food for dogs.

In you want to give your dog the advantage of a good diet, do not compromise on the cost or on the brand of the food available for the dog. The readymade food is indeed more expensive than home-coked food – but the West Highlands Terrier care is more convenient and the diet if assuredly in right proportion for the health requirements of your pet.

Check Out Your Pet Store for the Best Suited Brands of Dog Food

Not all West Highlands Terrier care tips can be picked up at your pet store. However, when it comes to the diet of your dog, this is one of the best places to refer to. You will easily find out which of the leading brands of dog food are best received by this breed of dogs, and what the drawbacks of the different available brands are. According to the best West Highlands Terrier care guides, you should choose those brands, which use the least preservatives and additives to the dog food.

If your favorite brand of dog food has any of the following ingredients on their labels, it is time you changed it – chicken by-products, any type of sweetener, any type of fat termed as ‘animal fat’, propylene glycol (toxic substance) among others. Kibbles are great foods for your dog and usually accepted readily by the animal. However, the West Highlands Terrier care guidelines say that these dry foods are difficult to digest and hence, you will need to add an enzyme supplement every time you feed your dog dry food.

Try to avoid feeding your Westie dog biscuits as snacks – use carrots instead and any other crunchy vegetable, which will enrich its diet to a large extent. There is a shift in the paradigm of feeding dogs, i.e. the use of raw meat and foods is gradually gaining ground over the pre-cooked types. You may like to try out some of the raw stuff and see how your pet reacts to it. According to the principles of the BARF diet, the dog should be given all the ingredients of their diet in raw form – just as its ancestors (wolves and wild dogs) used to get it when they fed on herbivores they killed.

There are many reports, which say that the pet usually feels healthier, stronger and needs very few health supplements if any, once they are shifted to this diet. You might like to check out with your vet and take a trial to check out whether this diet really is capable of such wonders. You could also try some delicacies you can cook for your West Highlands Terrier.

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